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About Swahili Music Notes

Terence Vusile Silonda My name is Vusile Terence Silonda. I love choral music and classical music. I’m learning how to play the piano, and hopefully one day I’ll master that art.

I’m a Computer Science Graduate and I thought of combining my knowledge of Code and Music to bring you this website. Hope you find it useful.

Swahili Music Notes is the premier source of Swahili Music Sheet. Music Sheets on Swahili Music Notes are uploaded by registered users from all over the Country (and the world). I hope you too who's reading this will participate in this great endeavour and upload songs. 

There are two main reasons why I’ve dedicated my time to develop this website:


My Studies in India

While I was in India, for my Under Graduate studies, I found myself, in more than one occasion, wishing I could have the music for a particular Swahili song. This is because there were some choirs which could have sang the songs had I provided them the music. But even the small choir I sang for, which was really not a four part choir, enjoyed to sing songs which had good harmony.

It was very difficult to get Swahili Music Sheet. On the internet, it was absolutely impossible. I had to rely on people posting them to me (which took long and was very tedious) or was only restricted to the few books I had. Since then, I had committed myself to make a tool, that can be accessed anywhere, by anyone, to get Swahili Music Sheet.


That Sweet Old Song

In more than one occasion, I’ve found myself singing a very old sweet song. Afterwards, I always want get the Music Sheet for that song and teach my choir so that we can sing it. If you’re not well connected, or have a couple of thousands, that can be a very very daunting task. So the second inspiration, was to digitize the Music Sheet, so that, in the spirit that the composers made the songs, they can be freely available to all those who need them.