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New Swahili Music Notes Features

The New Swahili Music Notes many great new features:

The New Logo:
Finally the site has it's own logo. The New Logo was specifically made for Swahili Music Notes to help identify it easily.

The New Home Page:
The List of songs on Swahili Music Notes was getting long. A new organization was required to make the site a little more user friendly. Now the Home page comprises of the list of Categories represented with illustrative images. This makes finding a song much more easier and faster.

The Sidebar
The Sidebar, as seen on your right, is a totally new feature on Swahili Music Notes. It is divided into 4 sections:

  • 5 Most recent uploaded songs for quick access.
  • On the songs page, it will show other songs uploaded by a person who uploaded the song you're looking at.
  • Top 3 Uploaders at Swahili Music Notes
  • News Updates from Swahili Music Notes. This will show quick links to the pages on our blog. Users who want their news to show on the site (such as Album Launch) should contact the admin. 

The Directory

The New Directory Page, which is yet to be populated, will hold contact details of various music professionals who want to be found via Swahili Music Notes

Ease to change Categories

If you're on a Category Page or Song Page, you can go to any category by using the "Change Category" Select Menu. This can take you to another category very fast.

The Lyrics Symbol

The New Lyrics Symbol


Do you have lyrics on your songs? Well, then you'll benefit from new lyrics symbol. The new cool lyrics symbol is an indication that you have lyrics. There are other benefits of Lyrics. In the long run, when there's greater Search on Google, our songs will be showing up in the search results.


The New Midi Player
The New Midi Player

Most of you have complained, that the midi player wasn't working on your computers. This new midi player is better and can play on all computes. BE SURE TO ALLOW JAVA APPLICATION to run when you first Open a Song Page. Allow it to run everytime, so that you don't have to keep doing it. I hope you'll enjoy the new midi player

Improved Search 
I know most of you didn't say this, but the old search functionality wasn't effective at all. The new search functions much better. Give it a try and see.

Multiple Categories
There are some songs that do not only fit in one category. For example, the song "Zawadi Kwa Yesu" by E. Mushumbusi, is both a Christmas Song and Offering Song. So why not stay in both? Well, now it can. To have multiple categories, just press CTRL + "The Categories You Want"