Ingia / Jisajili

David B. Wasonga

Mfahamu David B. Wasonga, mtunzi wa nyimbo za Kanisa Katoliki. Kutoka Jimbo la Dar Es Salaam Parokia ya Yohane Mtume na Mwinjili, Tegeta

Maelezo zaidi

Idadi ya nyimbo SMN: 168 > Zitazame

Jimbo analofanya utume: Dar Es Salaam

Parokia anayofanya utume: Yohane Mtume na Mwinjili, Tegeta

Namba ya simu: 0717 743637 / 0756 456016

Soma Historia na maelezo yake hapa

Wasiliana na mtunzi kwa email:

Historia / Maelezo


1999 - Began to study music at Carmelite Fathers in Morogoro whereby music was a compulsory subject

2002: Opted for music at Makongo High School

2003: Sat for National Exams in music and came out as the best candidate 2003 for the Form IV music students

2004-2006 : Further pursued music for A level studies at Makongo High School

2006 up to date: Continued to learn music through different literatures, e-learning and by studying works of various notable music composers.

Singing in Choir

1999 up to date : Singing at St. Secilia Choir, Ukonga Parish Dar Es Salaam

2000-2003 : Sang for students' choir at Carmelite Fathers and at the Missionaries of St. Francis De Sales

2004-2006: Sang for students' choir at Tegeta, Makongo & Mbezi Charity (TMC) choir

Music as a career

Writing, composing, performing and conducting music

Instructs and teaches music theory elementary

Favourite Music:

Baroque and Classical music.

Also enjoying listening to other types of music (such as Bongo flavour)


Composed various pieces of music some of which are famously known in the Tanzanian catholic music indusrty

Favourite activity

Learning the history of classical composers, African traditional music and the Catholic music in Tanzania. Currently, on an informal basis, attempting to research on the Catholic Sacred Music (its nature and how it has been evolving from time to time, how it differs from other religious music, its style of composition etc.)

Also using much time in sharing knowledge with fellow musicians on the need to have a standard music that is acceptable worldwide.

Apart from music

A lawyer by proffession and a registered advocate specialising in mortgage financing, conveyance, banking law, real estate, corporate law and intellectual property law (which he specifically aims at educating various musicians on how they can protect their works of art)


To become a model music composer for the young Tanzanian musicians


For music classes you may watsapp me on + 255 717 743 637